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  1. How long should my old air conditioner and furnace last?
  2. My electric and gas bills are high. Will a new air conditioner and furnace lower my bills?
  3. What is Seer?
  4. What is a heat pump? Is it better than an air conditioner?
  5. Should I replace my air conditioner and furnace at the same time, or can they be installed separately?
  6. Is it OK to install a different brand of air conditioner (or furnace) to work with my existing air conditioner (or furnace)?
  7. My friend works for an air conditioning and heating company and says he can install a new air conditioner (or furnace) for me for a lot less money. Is this a good idea?
  8. How does TEMPCONTROL determine what size of air conditioner and furnace to install?
  9. I want a big air conditioner. Someone told me this is not good - what are the advantages and disadvantages?
  10. Some rooms in our house don't get enough cooling (or heat). Can this be fixed?
  11. Should I run the blower continuously, or use the auto position on the thermostat?
  12. How many bids should I get before I decide on a new system?
  13. How do I check-out the companies I am considering to install my new system?
  14. Why should I consider a new high-efficiency filter?
  15. Should I have a new programmable thermostat installed with my new system?
  16. Does TEMPCONTROL have experienced servicemen?
  17. A cracked furnace is dangerous. How often should I have it checked?
  18. Why should I have my air conditioner checked in the spring and my furnace checked in the fall?

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